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Whenever I go missing, it’s probably a safe bet that I could be found digging in a cabinet, drawer or closet, sorting, purging and rearranging. Always looking at each and every space, wondering what could be done to make the space work better & more efficiently. I can’t stop. Really. It’s the most fantastic addiction.

I am a proud mama to three beautiful and active daughters. Life is constantly chaotic in the most fulfilling way. Dance, gymnastics, musicals, piano & swimming take up most of our free time. So I don’t care to spend my time looking for sheet music and jazz shoes but would rather have those things easily accessible and ready to go. Regular household maintenance is the key to this type of happiness. Here are some tips to keep your household running smoothly.



Empty ALL bags as soon as they enter the house. Napsacks & lunch bags, soccer bags, shopping bags, etc, etc, etc. Deal with what is in them right away and get the recycling & garbage where it belongs. Putting away laundry is an ongoing process for all our homes so take the opportunity to pull clothes out that no longer fit before you put the clean clothes on top. Purge & Rotate. Shoes! So many shoes! Keep on top of them and have them divided by season. Get those flip flops out of the mudroom in the dead of winter. At the end of each season, purge those that are too small and put away those that could be handed down to another child. The mail is also one that is so important but can easily get left behind. Sometimes it is a week before we go to the box so when we get the mail, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Bills to pay in one convenient place, perhaps near the computer if you pay online. Junk mail straight to the recycling and personal items to a designated bin, basket or box.

I feel good on a Sunday night knowing that the skating bags, knapsacks and snacks are already prepped and ready to go for tomorrow. It is a good way to start the week.  Prep your life! 

Home Office Organization

imagesMost all of us could use a designated workspace in our homes.  Whether we work from home or not, a place to pay bills, file papers, or just simply work quietly is a must.  No matter how hard we try or who uses it, life gets in the way and this area tends to become a chaotic one.

When you are ready to have this designated space you must first decide what exactly this space is being used for.  Do you need storage, computer space, whiteboards or filing cabinets?  Will there be children using the room for homework?  Will there be two or more people sharing the space or only one?  After these things are decided it will be much easier to make it function for you and your family.  Finding storage solutions and furniture is a much easier task after you understand what you need the room to do and how it needs to work for you.

Take a good look at the size of the room and start there. It does not have to be a big room or space. My own home office is about four feet by six feet. But, I have the exact furniture and storage choices in there that makes it function perfectly.  There are many options to choose from and most storage solutions do keep space saving in mind when designing their lines.  Before you shop, take good measurements to better help you decide what you may need.

Lastly, have a system in place will keep the room running smoothly and organized.  Each person is different and will have a completely different idea about which system works for them.  The key is to make sure you have a system and stick to it.  Bills, schoolwork & papers will pile up quickly and need to be filed away on a regular basis.  With a system, everything will find a home.  Pick one day a week and dedicate just a half hour to sorting, organizing and filing.  Whatever is unnecessary shred & recycle.

It is hard to work and concentrate in chaos so designate a place, create a system and keep on top of it!

Spring Purging ~ Declutter Before the Clean!

Spring is here!  … I think.  Although the weather is not fully cooperating, we can still get moving on some Spring Purging.  I like to do this long before any cleaning gets done ~ primarily so I can see the floor before I try to clean it.

Mudroom Cubby Magic

Mudroom Cubby Magic

Many areas of your home can get reclaimed during this process.

Go for the mudroom, entrance & shoe factory first!  Our mudroom is a small room that houses shoes, boots, coats & bags (lots of bags!) for a family of 5.  Cubbies are an excellent way to keep our stuff organized and also to keep the kids accountable for their things and space.

Pull everything out, discard and donate those items no longer wanted and put away those things that may work for another child.

Labelling the cubbies and using bins & baskets will help each family member stay organized.  It will feel so good to get rid of those winter items and get started with the next season.

Let us help you ‘Live a Little Lighter’ and call Organize Once.


Advice from a Professional Organizer

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” in your space, you’re not alone.  Finding a balance between your life and your stuff isn’t easy.  Decluttering, minimizing, optimizing – it’s a process.  How do you decide what you really need?  What can be thrown away?  What belongs in storage?  How do you know the most efficient way to organize your belongings to maximize efficiency while still finding a way to be aesthetically pleasing?

Don’t feel bad if you find the task of getting organized overwhelming.  These skills don’t come naturally to everyone.  You don’t feel bad when you call a mechanic when you need help optimizing the performance of your car… You don’t feel bad when you call a doctor when you need help optimizing the performance of your body.  So why not call an expert when you need help optimizing your home?

That’s where a Professional Organizer can help.

If you are looking to create some amazing Before & After photos for your own home, much like the ones below, then give me a call!  Helping you declutter, organize, downsize, and optimize is my specialty.  Whether it’s your whole house or office, or special project like organizing your kitchen or closets.  Let me help you reclaim your space…and your life.

Visit my website today for more info!

~ Andrea

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