Getting to know you … through a mug?

In the organizing biz I come across some very special items that people are holding on to for a certain reason. The kitchen is often where these items pop up and they are so special. I LOVE to hear all about them as we purge and organize and put them right back in the cupboard, where they belong.  Here are a few from some friends – thanks ladies for the memories!

First, is from my friend Julie Cole, busy Mama of six and Mabel’s Labels awesomeness.  That tag often comes with Julie’s name so you need to know that she is really just a great gal to know and always has been.  Even before the super-fantastico labels idea!

“I love my Canada AM mug because I loved being a regular contributor on the show and it was cancelled. I miss it! Plus it’s a nice BIG mug that holds enough tea to keep me going”!

Totally get the size thing Julie, bigger is ALWAYS better. (Except that time in grade 6 & 7 with Cynthia when we went to the variety store at the bottom of Four Seasons, bigger NOT better, scarred for life).











The next one comes from my oldest friend (sorry Weegie, that didn’t come out right, you’re not that old), my friend for the longest time … Lisa.  She is a veteran Kindergarten teacher.

“I don’t necessarily have a mug with such meaning or one that could tell stories, as I live by myself and the conversation isn’t all that exciting early in the morning when I enjoy that first cup.  That being said, there is still a favourite one that I choose, not so much because it means something to me but more because of its size!!  A nice extra large cup of coffee gets me up and moving in the morning and ready to face a brood of hyperactive 6-year-olds.  This mug was a small gesture gift from a friend one Christmas a few years ago.  The other reason I like it is because of the saying written on the front that says “Good Morning Beautiful”!! And who wouldn’t want to wake up to that each morning.  You know its going to be a good day when…”!

Call me in the morning Lisa, I’ll tell you how beautiful you are as I know first hand!











Then there is my hugely talented Interior Design friend Keely Coles from A Room In Mind.  This one makes me laugh each and every time I dig into her fridge for milk when we are having a tea. It belongs to her husband who has had it since his first house and WILL NOT give it up! She calls it ‘wolf milk’ 😂

Keels, it makes me nuts so I can only imagine what it does to you!”











Lastly, is from my friend V.  I have all the feelings for Michele as she is so important to me.  Friends since our Western days and we have been through it all. Here is what she says about it. “Doddsy, ok so the one on the left is actually from you! Years ago you gave that to me. I love this mug. As a teacher it is so meaningful as it reflects the diversity of children and how easy it is to love them as much as I love coffee! The mug on the right was a parting gift from a past principal. I drink from it when I need a little encouragement. So, you can imagine how often I’ve sipped from this one over the past 10 months!

She INSISTS I gave this to her (and that is why it’s her favourite) but I’m not buying it. It’s it nice though … and ‘sparkly’ she certainly is. ✨


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