A person’s life …

I met the most wonderful couple a few weeks ago and got to know them well in a short amount of time. That is the beauty of my job, I get more than just a glimpse into peoples lives, sometimes get to see the whole thing.

An older couple, sold their home of 26 years and were moving into a condo. She had done a lot of work in the past year getting rid of things, donating to the church and passing on items for the kids and family to use. Very generous with her donations and considerate of what she could do for others. But time was running out and the movers were coming, so I was called in to to get the job finished.

Her life, as she put it, was literally flashing before her eyes as we went through closets and cupboards, purging, sorting and ridding of things. Some had real monetary value, some sentimental value and some were easy to let go of. Telling stories along the way, laughing, appreciating and having fun.

I felt privileged to be a part of the process and meet the family as they came by to help or to collect what was theirs. To see what was important to her was amazing. I always love that part of my job. What means something to one person may mean nothing to another and it is important to remember that when packing up a life. They are a wonderful family who have built a good life and lived it together.



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