Organizing a Second Business

Wow! What a time it has been since my last blog. I have had to stay extra organized lately and I will tell you why. I bought into a second business with the agreement that I would run it and also manage my Organize Once business. Truthfully, I wasn’t really aware of what that meant, as the business I bought I knew nothing about. I am happy to say I do know a lot about it today, 8 months later, but I have a ways to go. This is where the ‘organized’ part comes in. Learning something new was quite a job and luckily I have a solid employee, who is also a very decent person, to help me along the way. Thanks Jeremy, I appreciate your patience.

Organize Once is my second passion, my family being the first. If I could spend all day devoted to these two things, I most certainly would. This isn’t the case so I dug into the second business, a Sign Shop – Specializing in Vehicle Trim, with a commitment to myself (and my partners) that I would try to get this business in shape and make it a success. There have been many roadblocks and obstacles to overcome, mostly things that come with every new small business, but they take time, energy, thoughts (I have so many more thoughts now) and just old fashioned hard work. It takes a lot of organizing to keep track of the new things I have learned and been introduced to. Organize Once comes naturally to me and I have no one to keep track of but myself, the Sign Shop is quite different as there are landlords, neighbors, customers and employees to manage. Staying organized certainly makes that easier!

Are we there yet? Not quite but I feel like I am on the right track and soon enough this business will be rolling along and I will have more time to dedicate to my passion, Organize Once.


P.S. This month would be a great time to sort the children’s clothes when they are at school! Sort out what to donate, what to keep for another child, what works in a different season. Purge, make piles, put back and take away the rest! … And now my second business –

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