Prioritize & Organize

I have been thinking about priorities this weekend.  What is important to me and what is not.  Of course with young children, I need to think about them in this equation too.  What really matters?  What has to get done (groceries, bills paid & homework) and what can wait a few days (landscaping, laundry & mudroom clean up) and what do I WANT to do (bike with the kids, have friends/family for dinner & read).  It is easy to just let our busy schedules take over and prioritize for us but with a little planning, organization (and soul searching!) we can do both what needs to be done and what we enjoy doing.


This was never as clear to me as it is now.  Owning a busy restaurant for 13 years skewed my vision of what was important.  After taking some time off and starting a new business that was just for me I realized that getting organized didn’t just mean my home but it meant my brain too.  My perspective of what matters has changed dramatically for the better.  Spending time with family, being silly with my daughters just because it is fun and just being mentally present for them has become the most important.  I now have the brain energy to put the little things first because they often matter the most.  After that the rest just seems to fall in line.

Happy Sunday!  Do what matters most to you today ….

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