Be Thankful For Teachers.

I spent the day on Monday helping a teacher of 20 years organize her classroom.  Her school is moving to full day kindergarten so her classroom (Grade One) had to be moved to the second floor of the school in order to make room for renovations.  In June she had packed up countless boxes and had them hauled upstairs.  It was time to see what was in them!  I enjoyed this process immensely.  Partly because this teacher is one of my best friends of 28 years, and partly because of what I learned about teachers that day.

As we opened each box and found a spot for everything I discovered how much teaching meant to her and how much of herself she put into it.  I discovered all the tools that she had developed and used over the years to teach different kids.  Different kids have different needs and respond to different methods.  She was ready for anything.  I also discovered how much of her own money and resources she put into that classroom.  Her students will not go without.


As we get set for Back to School let’s remember and be thankful for all those teachers who give themselves to our kids.  They go above and beyond to make sure that our children learn, grow and experience life away from us.  I know I am.

5 thoughts on “Be Thankful For Teachers.

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