Organizing to Stay Organized

UnknownBeing organized takes some work.  Sure it comes naturally to some people but it still takes a certain degree of lists, planning, sticking to it and execution.  Late last night we came home from a wonderful week vacation at our family cottage.  After a long car ride all I wanted to do was crawl into my own bed but some things had to be done.  Car emptied, cooler away, bags unpacked etc etc etc. The girls are a great help but at 11:30 at night I only expect them to brush their teeth and crawl in bed.  The food was put away but after that I simply made a list of what needed to be done in the morning.

1. Laundry started
2. Any clean clothes put away
3. Box of random cottage things put away
4. Grocery list of what we are out of up north added to the regular grocery list.

List was made and I was happy.  Now I could go to sleep with no worries about the piles of boxes and bags at the front door.  Besides, my helpers would be awake in the morning too!

This morning was a breeze and all was in order by 8:30.  Good way to start the day.  Make a list and stick to it!  You will thank yourself for it later.

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