Organized Travel

Ahhhh … Vacation is 2 days away and I have been packing for a week!  It is not as bad as it sounds.  Just a little bit each day keeps me organized and helps me remember all we need for a family of 5.  We take an annual road trip to Georgia each year and look forward to this vacation the most.  Quality family time is the best.

Just some of the things to remember are …

Clothes – We have laundry capabilities so this is not too hard and we don’t need too much.  I actually packed the clothes 2 days ago because laundry here was finished.  Now I just need to keep the girls from reaching in their bags to get dressed.  Wear what’s in your drawer!

Electronics – 17 hours in a car can get a bit long, so electronics are a welcome distraction.  IPods need to be loaded, updated and charged.  Once we get there it is beach, biking and ice cream so I don’t worry about how much they watch in the car.  The DVD player in the car gets a workout also so I try to choose some movies from the basement that they haven’t seen in a while and borrow from friends too.  What’s old is new again!


Food for the trip – We bring lots of snacks, drinks and treats for the ride.  There is nothing worse than a 5 year old arguing with Daddy to stop for food when he has filled up with gas 20 minutes ago.

Each girls gets a small bin with some personal items, books, tic tacs, a pad of paper, markers and earphones.  This helps them immensely keep track of their own items and helps me because there isn’t stuff rolling around the floor of the car.  That makes me crazy!

Oh ya, and Daddy gets an audiobook so that he can drive away and tune the rest of us out!

Happy Summer!

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