Organizing for Mother’s Day

imagesHappy Mother’s Day to all the Organized Mom’s out there.  Does anyone else organize for Mother’s Day or is it just me?  I love Mother’s Day morning.  I always stay in bed while my three girls and my husband put some breakfast & coffee together for me.  After it is brought up to my room, my daughters and I have a bed party where we just talk, eat and have fun being silly.  There are always treats for me and homemade treasures that I adore.  To be honest though … I do prep for this morning.  The house is tidy the night before and the kitchen clear and ready for the whirlwind of food prep that will happen.  Things are put away in the proper place and vacuuming is done.  It just makes for a really nice day when after the bed party, we can get up, get moving and on with our family day, without me worrying about the house being clean & tidy for company that night.  Even on days dedicated to us, we moms need to stay organized.  Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Organizing for Mother’s Day

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